What we do

Yumi is an innovative driving companion that aims to encourage drivers to remain focused while driving and reduce distracted driving caused by mobile phone usage, which is a leading cause of car accidents. 

Yumi sits on the car’s dashboard and reminds drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands off their phones. 

How Yumi Works

Through an iterative design process, a number of gestures were identified that don't cause a distraction but still impact the driver.

When the driver enters the car, Yumi will greet him/her in a cheerful manner. These gestures and movements are intended to generate a bond between Yumi and the driver.

Throughout the drive, if the driver reaches for their phone, Yumi will move backward in a subtle manner.

אhe more the driver reaches for their phone, the bolder the gestures will become


Yumi’s gestures act as a reminder and nudge the driver to keep safe from distractions.

Upon finishing the ride, Yumi will bid the driver farewell in a joyful manner before he/she exits the vehicle.

Meet Our Team

Dana Lazarof

B.A Communication

Nadav Vilder

B.Sc in Computer Science & B.A in Entrepreneurship

Yaly Levy

Dual B.A in Psychology & Business Administration

Noa Goldberg

B.A Communication

Evyatar Aviram

B.Sc in Computer Science & B.A in Entrepreneurship